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EngiNe s.r.l. - Engineering Network

EngiNe is a dynamic and highly technological society, founded in 2003 under the aegis of the college of engineering of Siena University. Thanks to this synergy, EngiNe has developed the combination between the processes typical of university most advanced research and the need of efficiency peculiar to a private firm.

In 2006 EngiNe merges into the operative network of ENG TECHNO & Partners, whose contribution, together with the new company organization, allows EngiNe to increase its presence on the market and to start the testing of further avant-garde solutions, which have become by now steady offer know how.

As well as establishing its business on a solid and rigorous knowledge of information and telecommunication technology, which guarantees the perfect control of both the applications and the operating systems (custom linux based distributions are typically realized), EngiNe has a great competence on the following items:

  • exploitation of the methods of signals analysis;
  • features extraction from scenes (sobel, kuwahara);
  • analysis of the weaving, modelling and reconstruction of 3D images;
  • stereoscopy;
  • epipolar geometry;
  • image warping.

Moreover EngiNe is also qualified on the use of the most effective mathematical tools in this sector, such as computation in fuzzy logic, pattern recognition, neural networs, Markov networks, FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), morphologic analysis, Kalman filter and image enhancement.