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Thanks to its skills, EngiNe has been able to realize systems which can be placed in a market segment intrinsically characterized by a high level of research and development. Such market segment has remarkable opportunities, since it is in a rapid transition phase from traditional technologies to new generation architectures and systems, based on digital and signal processing.

The solutions developed (for example, the security system called "EnGuard Video Security Platform") represent the market's top proposals in the fields of video security, traffic automatic monitoring, images compression, transmission and fruition, as well as the automatic control of the infractions.

This latter point is demonstrated by the fact that EngiNe has been chosen by Autostrade per l'Italia to develop their video digital platform - at present the largest in Europe. For Autostrade, EngiNe realized all the software environments (operating systems and applications) working in:

  • the video digital coding systems;
  • the distributed storage systems;
  • the on-demand content fruition systems;
  • the visualization modules located in many monitoring datacenter (videowall);
  • the traffic automatic analysis modules.

EngiNe has developed similar cooperation with other big companies such as Siemens (accident control and smoke detection in tunnels, and parking access control through automatic plate recognition), Bredamenarinibus and Scania (on board digital tvcc systems and video fruition platform), DACOM SpA (movable terminals with plate recognition systems and with automatic reading of water and gas meters).

In parallel to all this, the constant investments in highly technological initiatives have led EngiNe to develop excellence systems, among which:

  • the plate recognition system EnPlate (possible also with the version that identifies hazard goods signs), that as early as 2003 has been certified with an 'A-class' certificate in comply with the norm UNI 10772.
  • Another successful system created by EngiNe is the system EnVES EVO which controls the restricted traffic area accesses, and which has the homologation of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports.
  • Furthermore, among EngiNe proposals already approved and homologated by the Italian Ministry of Transport, there is the EnVES EVO MVD system which detects the vehicle passage with red traffic light and instantaneous speed violations.

The most powerful system, among the most advanced produced by EngiNe, is the CELERITAS system, which is based on the control of medium speed. CELERITAS has been recently approved by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, and, since it is founded on an avant-garde technology that surpasses all the competing systems both for handiness and effectiveness, it is also protected by an international patent. Thanks to these peculiarities, CELERITAS has also been adopted as exclusive product by various operators that works as service providers with ENG TECHNO & Partners and they offer a particular range of innovative services destined to police force and to public administration.

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